About Us

Custom signage & Graphics since 1946

Since 1946, Bendsen Signs & Graphics, Inc. has specialized in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom signage for businesses and organizations across the United States. We are your go-to company for, exterior and interior signage,  storefront signage, freestanding signage, and LED message centers.


Why Choose Bendsen?

With a design team that has won numerous sign design awards, we listen to the wants and needs of our customers and then create the most effective signage for your project. From concept through manufacturing and sign installation, Bendsen Signs’ professionalism will shine through, providing your organization with quality signage in which you can take great pride.


At Bendsen Signs & Graphics, Inc. we strive to be Your Image Builders.


Our Signage & Design Staff

Thomas Pistorius - President

Jason Tompkins - General Manager

Tim Lillpop - Operations Manager  

Ed Long- Project Manager

Jenny Krumtinger - Lead Graphic Designer

Evan Shaffer - Graphic Designer

Chip Childress - Graphic Designer 

Amy Durbin - Accounting Clerk 

Jamie Howell - Accounting Clerk

Bri Bradley- Sales and Marketing Specialist



Bendsen Signs & Graphics 1947